K8's Petcare Services


About me

Hi! I'm Kate Moore BSc


At K8's Petcare I am focused on providing pet services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


After owning many small rescue animals throughout my childhood I began focussing on dogs during my university degree, when volunteering at a rescue kennels.


I've worked part-time since I was 15 years old in a petshop and continued there for 8 years until i became a full-time dogwalker, in the meantime volunteering at various organisations such as Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue, Dudley Zoo and West Midlands Safari Park until I obtained my degree in Animal Care and Management BSc. I have also recently (since June 2014) completed a course to refresh my knowledge with up to date regulations and legislations, obtaining a Diploma specifically in dog walking and pet sitting.


I have now been a self-employed , independent dogwalker/pet sitter for over 3 years, yet I am still eager to learn and keep my brain refreshed, and gain even more experience on the way.


I have many areas of expertise including fish, rats, birds and various other small animals. I also have a passion for drawing and as a hobbie sell pet portraits. Check my artwork out at: www.k8spawtraits.webs.com (or click the orange button on the right!)


Within my job I mainly deal with dogs, but any pet is considered. To give an idea of my breed experience here are a selection of the breeds I walk:


German Shepherd


Staffy Cross


Border Terrier

Shih tzu Cross

Great Dane

King Charles Spaniel






Mastiff Cross



Furthermore I own my own large, cross breed rescue dog. I have experience with all breeds and temperaments, so please dont be afraid to ask , or even moreso think I am afraid of a challenge!



Why me?

Unfortunately nowadays with the hours owners work, more dogs suffer from separation anxiety which can possibly lead to further behavioural problems , let alone if they are already a rescue dog! I'm here to alleviate that guilt you may feel leaving them, but more importantly the stress your dog may feel. I am passionate, empathetic, experienced, not to mention: flexible, reliable, qualified and insured as a proffesional.